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Friday, December 4, 2009

Orange State and the Healthcare Debate - 11-20-09

It was another exciting day on Orange State! 

Rashaud brought us the headlines of the week.  The University of California system has approved fee hikes, much to the dismay of some of their students.  Protests have been occurring and at least 52 students were arrested on Thursday.  Plus, there was the crushing news that Oprah will be ending her show in September of 2011.  Where will we get our free Pontiacs?????       

Matt and Grant reviewed the big week in the healthcare debate on the hill.  The U.S. Senate is voting on Saturday night on whether or not to begin debating their version of the healthcare bill.  Matt and Grant broke down the differences between the Senate bill and the bill passed in the House of Representatives.  Both bills give a person the option to use the government health plan or to keep their own private plan.  Both bills require individuals to have some sort of health care plan.  The penalties for people who do not have healthcare are different in each bill.  In the House bill, the penalties can be as much as 2.5% of a person's income, while in the Senate the fine is $750 for someone who does not have a healthcare plan.  The biggest difference is the price tags on the two bills.  The Senate bill is supposed to cost about $850 billion.   The House of Representatives bill is expected to cost $1.05 trillion.  Both are supposed to lower the defecit.  Yet, while the Senate bill lowers the defecit more than the House bill, it also covers fewer people.  So, what's more important?  Lower the defecit or cover more citizens?

Matt took down Grant in the Orange State of Disarray, which was co-hosted by Becca for the first time!  The series lead is now 3-2 in favor of Matt! (Just is case you cared enough to keep track.)    

Matt had some big CNY News.  Doug Hoffman claims that the New York 23rd District Congressional race was stolen from him by organizations like ACORN and the unions.  Hoffman claimed this in a page and a half letter to his constituents.  Hoffman presented no proof to back up his claims.  Hoffman also rescinded his concession making him an official contender in the 23rd District race again.

And of course, we could not have a show without the Audacity of Dopes.  Jim brought us some great stories and yet again it seemed like we were advising criminals how to not get caught.  This time an 82-year-old woman fought off two 30-year-old men who had broken into her house by spitting, kicking, and using a brush and a bible.  Oh and of course, Sarah Palin wrote a book.        



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