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Monday, October 26, 2009

Healthcare Legislation & Lots More Orange State - 10-16-09

Sorry, I guess we're a little behind on our blogging!

Two fridays ago, Orange State took a break from the Syracuse Mayoral Election campaign trail and had a regular-old, yet awesome show! 

Rashaud started the show strong with some interesting headlines about a tragic collision of two fighter jets, Congress having to review President Obama's receiving of Nobel Peace Prize, and a brothel giving discounts for customers who "Go Green." 

But Orange State tackled a tough issue too:  Healthcare.  Grant & Matt break down the legislation that has been passed out of committees in the Senate and the House of Representatives. What how are these bills different? How are they the same? What happens from here? Orange State brings you all of the this week.

Wait, there's a lot more in this episode!  Jordan hosts a game of Orange State of Disarray; and Matt pulls of a clean sweep, 3-0!  Ashley bring some Entertainment News about the Kardashians, and Matt's got CNY Local News! And for some fun, CJ has the always promising Audacity of Dopes, with A SPECIAL rant from Matt & Grant ALL ABOUT THE DOPES OF THE BALLOON BOY SAGA!!

Hope you enjoy another great episode of Orange State!  Check out the podcast in iTunes! 

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