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Monday, October 26, 2009

Stephanie Miner & an Incredible Episode of Orange State! - 10-23-09

After one week away from it, Orange State goes right back to the Syracuse Mayoral Election with an interview with Democratic candidtate, Stephanie Miner!  She, Grant, & Matt ran throught the "7 Issues in 7 Seconds" each, with the same topics as the had with the previos two candidatesm to find out where Stephanie stands on the most important issues to the Syracuse Community.  Take a listen to the podcast to hear exactly what she had to say! 

And as usual there was plenty more Orange State where that came from.  CJ brought the headlines this week, with fascinating stories incuding a huge drug bust in the US and Mexico, and an airplane overshooting an airport by 150 miles.

Grant gets redemption in another round of Orange State of Disarray, as hosted by Jordan. Matt fills you in on some CNY Local news like Onondaga County's new electric car plant, and Sarah Palin's endorsment for NY's 23rd district race. And Jim walks us through this week in crazy people n The Audacity of Dopes.

Thanks for listening to Orange State & enjoy this week's podcast!

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