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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Headlines Extravaganza - The Last Orange State of the Year - 12-11-09

It was a fantastic final week of the year for the Orange State gang! Check out the podcast and Orange State' Twitter.

Rashaud told us that Senate Democrats have dropped the government run insurance option. This was required to appease moderates and get the bill passed. Medicare may be open to uninsured Americans at the age of 55. Another topic was the Copenhagen Summit where there is a deal in the works to cap emissions. What makes this interesting is that countries that produce more emissions will have to pay for more of the cleanup. Plus, Stanford University scientists have created a paper battery that may come out some day.

Becca also brought us even more headlines since there was no major big story. On an exciting scientific note, scientists at UCLA have announced that they can engineer stem cells to attack HIV! This could be the verge of a new era of medicine! Good job UCLA. Speaking of colleges, the Statesmen talked about how a Congressional Subcommittee has sent a college playoff bill to the House Floor. The bill would say that a National Champion cannot be declared without a playoff. It this really the most important thing for Congress to be dealing with? Yes, the BCS is messed up, but really?

Grant took all the bragging rights by winning the final Orange State of Disarray. Check out the video to see it all go down!

Finally, Jim brought us the final Audacity of Dopes of the year. We even made a list of the dumb criminal acts from the season that should be avoided. They included "Don't get a DUI in your Lazyboy," "Don't leave your wallet in the house you robbed," and "Don't rob a store while going to court for robbery."

From Left: Grant, Matt, Becca, Ashley, Rashaud, CJ, Jim

Orange State will be taking a brief hiatus. Grant is heading to London for next season. Matt and the rest of the crew will be back in January. Grant will be back with Matt and everybody in Sepember. Have a great holiday season and happy New Year everybody!

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