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Friday, February 5, 2010

The First Orange State of the New Decade talks about President Obama's State of the Union 1-29-10

Hey everybody!  Hope everyone had a great new year.  Remember to check out Orange State's podcast and our Twitter.  Orange State entered the new decade strong!  CJ, Rashaud, and Matt broke down President Obama's State of the Union, in which the President said that the creation of jobs would be the top priority of the year 2010.  Obama also challenged Congress to end its biparitisanship.  The Orange State guys all agreed that Obama was right in saying that the Supreme Court should not have ruled that corporations can freely endorse political candidates, especially since this means that foreign corporations could get involved. 

Rashaud brought us the day's headlines.  The economy has soared 5.7%, the fastest it has soared in the past 6 years.  On another positive note, the U.S. dollar rose against the Yen.  The White House is eyeing moving the 9/11 Trials, which were originally supposed to take place in Manhattan due to the high costs.  In a surprising note, newly elected Republican Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown is actually President Obama's tenth cousin.  Obama's mother and Brown's mother are both descendents of a politician from Massachusetts who died in 1637.  (Talk about a small world!  Would Scott Brown vote against family?)

Becca talked about some local news including new Syracuse Mayor Stephanie Miner's very first State of the City Address.

Matt and Becca also went head to head in the Orange State of Disarray and Matt took the victory.  Unfortunately, Matt also learned that his original home state may get an official state firearm.  Plus, would you expect to be fined for blowing your nose at a traffic light?  Jim also brought us the Audacity of Dopes.  (Would you get so mad about the price of crab cakes that you would punch the store manager in the face multiple times and spit in his face.)  Oh, and while we are creating technology to ensure people are not stuffing weapons in their clothing before boarding a flight a German man tried to board a flight with over 40 lizards stuffed in his underware.   Why?  Oh well, that's why they're dopes.

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