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Friday, March 5, 2010

Orange State, Tiger Woods' Apology, U.S.-China Relations, and Medicaid Cuts - 2-19-10

Hey everyone!  It was another great week of Orange State!  Don't forget to check out our podcasts and Tweets! 

This week Matt, Rashaud, and CJ discussed Tiger Woods' apology.  This happened to be breaking news since the press conference started just an hour before our show.  The Statesmen felt Woods' apology seemed a little too scripted (He was reading it off a piece of paper.).  They also discussed if he really had to apologize.  The crew also talked about the current state of U.S.-China relations in the wake of President Obama's visit with the Dalai Lama.  The U.S. is heavily in debt to China, but both nations rely heavily on each other.  Finally, the Statesmen discussed how some states are considering cutting Medicaid benefits; quite ironic considering the fight to pass healthcare legislation. 

Rashaud gave the headlines of the day as usual.  In one of the biggest stories of the week, a man crashed a small plane into an IRS office in Texas.  Plus, one school district has bought every student a laptop in which the camera can be activated if the computer is stolen, but one student claims the school spied on him

Erich returned with the CNY Local News.  DestinyUSA won a court decision to get up to $100 million in tax credits.  Could this mean we will see construction?  We also highlighted some local Olympians in Vancouver including SU's first Winter Olympian, hockey player Stephanie Marty, who had a hat trick against Slovakia while playing for Team SwitzerlandErin Hamlin, of Remsen, New York, finished 16th in the women's luge event in Whistler.  Of course there are a couple of Central New York hockey players as well.  We are glad to announce that the U.S. is leading the medal count after week 1 with 18 medals (6 gold).  Germany is in second with 11 medals.  Lindsey Vonn, who we thought would win despite being hurt did get gold.  Rashaud called it!  Some other gold medalists included Shaun White (Snowboarding), Shani Davis (Speedskating), and Evan Lysacek (Men's Figure Skating).  And the Olympics became the first television show to ever beat American Idol in the number of overall viewers.  Yeah for quality television! 

The guys played the Orange State of Disarray.  Believe it or not, recently a state has introduced legistlation to make it illegal to marry your first cousin.  You'd be surprised to know it is actually Maryland.  CJ got his first win!  Jim brought us the Audacity of Dopes as always.  A man within an hour of being charged and bailed of other break-ins was out stealing from cars, offices, and a cathedral.  He was caught by dropping his police charge sheet at one crime scene and the DVD of his police interview at another crime scene.  Enjoy!       

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