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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Orange State and President Obama's Healthcare Summit - 2-26

Hey everyone!  It was another great week of Orange State!  Don't forget to check our Twitter and Podcast

This week Matt, CJ, and Rashaud talked about President Obama's Healthcare Summit.  The joint summit was done in front of C-SPAN's television cameras.  Although one representative said that it was the longest he had ever seen the Democrats and Republicans sit in a room and behave in front of so many TV cameras, yet the guys felt the summit did not help accomplish much.  The meeting's most awkward moment when John McCain started talking about what he and Obama were promising during the campaign.  Obama reminded McCain that the election is over.  Is anyone bitter?  John Boehner, the House Minority Leader suggested starting over with a clean slate.  The Orange State guys felt that would do nothing to help, but get the Congress back to where they are now. 

Rashaud brought some breaking news that New York Governor Paterson will not be running for re-election, just shortly after announcing that he will be running for re-election.  Among other gubernatorial news, the Manhattan Madame, Kristin Davis, will be running for governor.  Finally, the guys talked about Tilikum the orca who killed one of his trainers at Sea World.  Is it really a good idea to have killer whales in captivity?

In local news, a New York state bill was passed giving families more control over end of life care.  In other local news, the guys are excited for the Syracuse-Villanova game, the largest home crowd in NCAA history as 34,616 fans will be in attendance.

In Orange State of Disarray we had some interesting stories including a criminal being left handcuffed in a courthouse for 10 hours. (Yes, for the first time in the show's history we showed compassion for a criminal.)  Plus, a country is putting up signs to protect frogs and toads.  Yes, frogs and toads.  You'd be surprise which country is protecting them.  Jim had a great Audacity of Dopes.  A couple of robbers dialed 911 while robbing a car.  A rather idea while stealing a car.  In one of our best dopes stories ever, a man violated his probation to appear on the Jerry Springer Show.  (Only the Jerry Springer Show.)

Of course, this week Orange State had our final Winter Olympics update.  The United States is on track to their best Olympics ever with 32 medals and 8 golds.  The U.S. won a Nordic Combined gold (Combination of ski jumping and cross country) for the first time ever since it has been an event in 1924.  We also saluted Canadian Joannie Rochette who skated for a silver in the women's singles figuring skating despite the death of her mother just a week before.  As we go into the final weekend Orange State would like to say Go USA and Go World!  The final medals table is now listed below.

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