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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Orange State and Governor David Paterson's Problems - 3-5-10

Hey everyone!  March is finally here!  That has excited the Orange State staff.  Remember to keep tuning in from noon to 1:00 on Fridays.  Plus check out our Twitter and podcast! 

It was a great day on Orange State as the gang had Casey Seiler of the Albany Times-Union come on the show to talk about the Governor Paterson's scandals, including a possible cover up of a domestic violence charge against his aide David Johnson and the Governor's acceptance of gifts including World Series tickets.  Seiler said the Governor is also in political jeopardy since the month of March is when the "heavy lifting" gets done on the formulation of the state's budget.  The fiscal year starts on April 1.  Right now the state of New York is facing a potential budget defecit between $9 billion and $9.5 billion through the end of March 2011.  Some say this may the most crucial budget of the state in the last two decades and possibly the most crucial since the Great Depression.  Some have suggested that Lieutenant Governor Richard Ravitch lead the way in the creation of the budget.  Obviously, there have been a number of calls for Paterson to resign.  Seiler says that there are many in the legislature who view Paterson's resignation as a fate accompli, either it will happen soon or when Attorney General Andrew Cuomo puts out his report on the issue regarding David Johnson.  Of course, he also said that he could be found not guilty, and he should be presumed innocent until that report says otherwise.       

Rashaud brought the day's headlines as usual.  The House of Representatives passed a major jobs bill, which is always good to see.  In some scarier story, an air traffic controller at JFK International Airport allowed his two kids, both under the age of 10 to direct air traffic (at JFK!).  The pilots did not seem worried, in fact one pilot told the boy he did an awesome job.  Maybe the pilots were ok, but they obviously didn't ask the passengers.  The controller was suspended.  While staying on airports, 11 airports are getting the new body scanners to look through peoples' clothing to detect hidden weapons.  Finally, the Chile earthquake altered the Earth's axis, shortening the day by 1.2 microseconds.  (That's depressing.)  In local news, a mile of I-81 north is still closed and there is a fight over who should pay for the repairs for the building. 

No Orange State would be complete without the Orange State of Disarray.  A town is informing residents to stay indoors and has moved recess indoors after a hawk has been attacking residents.  The hawk has already taken headphones off of a man on a lawn mower and attacked a car.  A country is keeping their ban on chewing gum to reduce gum related litter and vandalism.  CJ rolled to a victory.

In the Audacity of Dopes Jim told us about a deputy in Kentucky who accidently locked himself in jail and then tried to shoot his way out of it.  (Echoes of Barney Fife anyone?)  A lawyer is threatening to sue the Houston George Bush Intercontinental Airport for keeping his $800 coat when he left it in the airport.  Finally, a 54-year-old man who was determined to go to jail tried to steal an officer's gun after he was told the police had nothing to arrest him on.   Finally, a man burned down his house when he tried to melt the icicles on his house with a blow torch.   

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